Example project experience:

Tokenization market entry for SaaS provider

  • Product roadmap, partnership strategy and scenario planning

  • Merchant impact analysis

  • Included EMVCo and proprietary solutions


Mobile alerts offering for bank OBO processor  

  • Pricing and value proposition quantification

  • Channel and partnership strategy to reach unique FI segments

  • Covered US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin America


Re-pricing transaction services for card network

  • Created and implemented new pricing for several services

  • Generated over $100 million in revenue lift and reduced 'gaming of the system'


Fraud management strategy for digital wallet

  • Developed and implemented roadmap (risk scoring, risk rules, 3rd party services, order queuing, etc.)

  • Work ranged from high-level strategy down to detailed data field definition and service specs

  • Worked with Threatmetrix, Cybersource, OFAC vendors and other third parties


JV strategy for card network, hardware/software STARTUP and MAJOR chip maker

  • Assessed market for chip-based authentication within eCommerce channel

  • Identified business model and JV roles

  • Structured term sheets



  • Launched M-Pesa acceptance for new rent-to-own and layaway service for irrigation company

  • Designed and implemented supporting processes like monthly statements

  • Lived in Kenya and Tanzania



  • Structured and managed multi-million dollar partnership program that incented banks to promote client’s payment solutions to merchants

  • Solutions include prepaid acceptance, ecommerce authentication, check acceptance, PIN debit, credit card enhanced data and other offerings



  • Developed multi-year consumer spending forecasts within 30 merchant segments to guide ISO / acquirer sales efforts



  • Evaluated suitability of Stripe Connect for merchant’s multi-user educational platform

  • Recommended new disbursement policies to manage risk



  • Business owner of eCommerce stores generating $30 million in software sales

  • Multi-site, multi-language, multi-currency, physical and digital products

“While at Visa, T. Hardy Jackson worked as a consultant for me.  During our many projects together, T. brought three abilities to our discussions.  First, he is one of the smartest people with whom I have worked.  Second, he time and time again developed clever, insightful solutions that efficiently answered our various challenges.  Third, he was one of the friendliest, most cooperative persons with whom I have had the pleasure to work.  He is a fabulous consultant. I whole-heartedly recommend him for future engagements.”

Bob Holden, Vice-President Product Management, Visa